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New Beginnings

I have redesigned my blog.  As of today, I will be using this for beer reviews.

I didn’t really enjoy beer until I was about 23 years old.  Even assuming it’s an acquired taste, I never really saw the appeal.  One day, I had a beer that changed my mind.  It was Newcastle Brown Ale.  That day, I realized that maybe it wasn’t that I didn’t like beer, but rather that I had been drinking the wrong beer.  Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed trying a large range of different styles of beer.  Recently, I’ve also began experimenting with beer and food pairings.  It is my hope that I will be able share what I’ve learned and experienced to help others that may have previously disliked beer to change their minds the way I did.

I started reviewing beers in October 2010, using a weighted average scale, based loosely on the scale from BeerAdvocate.  Since then, I have made a solid effort to rate and catalog every beer I’ve tried, and to organize them into a database.  Eventually, I hope to streamline this database and upload it to the internet, in order to share my experiences.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to encourage people to try new things.  You may see a beer and food pairing that sounds interesting.  Or you may see a beer you like categorized with another unfamiliar beer.  Either way, I have learned new things about what I enjoy about beer just from the experienced of rating and cataloging what I’ve tried.