Feeling Blessed

As I have recently expanded my brewing capabilities to a 2-keg system (see photo below), it seemed logical to expand the way in which I chronicle all my experiences.  I am currently brewing faster than I can drink and share, so my stores have been increasing.  I find this to be a great blessing.

Beer is not just a drink to me, or even just a hobby.  It is a passion.  I have always loved the feeling of creating something unique from raw ingredients.  The capability to do this on a regular basis and share it with people in such a delicious format is part of what drove me to homebrewing.  My dream is to open a brewery someday and serve my beer to even more people.

As I mentioned, my stores have been increasing.  Not only do I brew more, but I find my collection of commercial beers steadily increasing.  I hope to use this blog to post many of my reviews and hone some skills.  As an added bonus, maybe I’ll get some people to try something they hadn’t thought to try before!  Check out the list of things I have waiting to be enjoyed and reviewed:

Chimay White
Chimay Red
Chimay Blue
Hinano Tahiti
Lucky Buddha
Schneider Aventinus
Alesmith Old Numbskull
Old Crafty Hen (currently one of my top 3 favorite beers)
Class of ’88 Barleywine
Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer
Firestone Double DBA
Firestone Sucaba
Firestone Anniversary XVII

Homebrew On Tap:
Hammer ‘N’ Ale Irish Red
In Bottle:
English Porter
Whiney Dancer English Barleywine

February 2014 Homebrew Project
February 2014 Homebrew Project

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