Beer Geek Breakfast

Name: Beer Geek Breakfast
Style: American Double / Imperial Stout
ABV (%): 7.50
Brewery: Mikkeller

I’ve been dying to try this beer for awhile now, and for several reasons.  First, the flavor profile advertised just sounds fantastic.  Second, I’ve never had a beer from Denmark.  And third, this is one of the coolest beer names I’ve ever seen.  All of the aforementioned reasons have made me curious to the point of obsession.

Poured from a 1 pt. 9 oz. bottle into a freezer chilled pint glass.  I probably poured this a little too cold.  I just took it out of the fridge and it went right into the glass, but it will warm as I sip.  It pours super super dark.  No sunlight can escape this beer.  Dark enough to swallow anything up.  It is where bad beer goes to die.  I haven’t had Deschutes Abyss in quite some time, but I find it hard to imagine that any beer can earn the name Abyss above this one; not by appearance alone anyway.  There is a 1/2″ frothy coffee head that just won’t dissipate, no matter how many times I throw glances at it as I ramble about the darky darkness.

It smells as any good Imperial Stout should and does.  Coffee, chocolate, oatmeal, malt, with some nuttiness.  And now I want an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

The first sip of this beer refutes any comparisons I make between this and other stouts.  Before I can even break down the flavors, the bitterness hits.  It is very much like espresso in mouthfeel, but not overpowering in flavor.  Still, make no mistakes, this is a man’s beer.  I’m not saying this to shoo away women, but rather anyone that is a lukewarm beer drinker.  If you’ve never had an Imperial Stout, don’t make this your first.  It’s not a benchmark for the style.  It is very unique.

Despite the bitterness of this beer, it’s creamy on the tongue and not too sharp.  Hop bitterness usually makes beers taste sharp, and often herbal, especially California pales.  They’re ideal for drinking with something spicy or fatty.  The bitterness will cut through the fat.  This beer might be good with a steak or something smokey or gamey, but it’s easy to drink at the same time..

Overall, this is just an outstanding beer.  Unfortunately, it’s $10 a bottle, which makes it a bit of a one-off.  Still, I have no regrets about the purchase, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is a fan of North Coast Rasputin or Deschutes Obsidian Stout.

Look: 9
Smell: 7
Taste: 8
Feel: 9
Overall: 9

Grade: A-