Nero’s Apecchio Red Ale

Name: Nero’s Apecchio Red Ale
Style: American Amber / Red Ale
ABV (%): 6.50
Brewery: Amarcord Birra Artigianale (Spring Srl)

An Italian brewery with an American Amber / Red Ale?  Ok…?  It was cheap at Trader Joe’s.  Poured from a 1 pt. 0.9 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

This doesn’t look anything like any reds or ambers I’ve seen.  It looks like a lager, but with a super frothy head.

Smells like beer.  That may seem like a joke, but that pretty much sums it up.  It doesn’t have much scent to speak of, aside from the basic yeast and hops.

It tastes like crap.  Way back before the blog, I reviewed Redhook’s Copperhook and said it was one of the worst beer’s I’ve ever tasted.  This is almost as bad.  It tastes nothing like what I know a red or amber ale to be.  Yeast, hops, and barley were thrown in a vat.  I almost feel bad reviewing this beer.  I have better things to do.

The one redeeming quality of this beer is that it serves as a decent benchmark for mediocrity.

Look: 6
Smell: 3
Taste: 3
Feel: 5
Overall: 4

Grade: D


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