Eau Benite

Name: Eau Benite
Style: Tripel
ABV (%): 7.70
Brewery: Unibroue

The blog is back!  I’ve also slightly modified my scales for review categories and weighting.  What you’ll see from this is a distinct line for beers I consider a B+ or higher.  Anything B+ or higher should be considered a “must-try” beer.  Anything C+ or higher should be considered a good to great beer.  Anything C- or higher may be considered a good beer.  Anything less should be avoided, possibly at all costs!

I stumbled upon this beer completely by accident.  There is currently a 2-pack of Unibroue beers at Costco for $15.  It includes Maudite (which is absolutely fantastic and which will be reviewed later) and Eau Benite.  Unibroue is a Canadian brewery.  They brew a solid collection of bottle-fermented Belgian style beers, all of which are flavor-forward and quite enjoyable.  This was poured from a 1 pt. 9.4 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

This pours frothy with a thick head.  Color is light and dirty, like so many Belgians.

Smells of yeast and fruits.  A bit of fig, or maybe dates.  Smell dissipates quickly.

The flavor is not overly sweet or rich like many others from Unibroue (see La Fin Du Monde).  Flavor is spicy and a little sweet, with mild fruits in the finish.  Flavor integrates as the beer warms, and the spiciness mellows, giving way to more fruit.

The mouth starts out a little sharp, bitter, and yeasty.  As the beer reaches room temperature, the sharp feel mellows and the beer starts to feel buttery.

This is the easiest Unibroue beer I’ve ever had.  A simple blonde tripel.  All the flavors are mellow and easy, almost relaxing.  I prefer explosive beers, but there is something to be said for this one.  Sweet, without being overwhelming.  Quite enjoyable.

Look: 6
Smell: 6
Taste: 7
Feel: 7
Overall: 7

Grade: C+


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