La Fin Du Monde

Name: La Fin Du Monde
Style: Tripel
ABV (%): 9.00
Brewery: Unibroue

I have walked past Unibroue beers dozens of times without trying one.  I always meant to try Terrible.  At the Monterey Beer Festival this year, I tried Terrible and La Fin Du Monde.  Both were outstanding.  La Fin Du Monde was the best beer I had at the entire festival.  And I don’t usually like tripels.  Reviewing it was a must.  Poured from a 1 pt. 9.4 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

Even with a gentle pour, this thing came out with four fingers of head.  Lots of lace left behind.  The beer itself is thick and golden, with a bit of caramel hue.  It’s almost unfiltered in appearance.

You can smell it the instant you pop the cork.  Heavy citrus fruits.  Smelling this beer is an exercise in itself.  The notes are meaty.  This beer must lift weights.  Lots of powerful yeast, followed by apricot, followed by some malt and spice.  Nutmeg?

The smell really lends itself to the tasting experience, also.  Malt and apricots on the middle palate, slight bitter aftertaste from the lingering fruit and hops.  Super complex and balanced.  A beer to sip slowly so you can appreciate all the different flavors.

Super smooth mouthfeel for a tripel.  I don’t usually like the bitterness in tripels that comes from the hops and citrus fruits.  The spice in La Fin Du Monde balances the load and makes drinking it a truly unique experience.

If this wasn’t 9%, I’d have another.  You would, too.  It’s absolutely delicious, but what makes it a true world class beer is the complexity and balance of different flavors.  Hey, wine lovers!  Try this one.

Look: 8
Smell: 9
Taste: 10
Feel: 10
Drink: 10
Overall: 9.4

Grade: A


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