Double Mocha Porter

Name: Double Mocha Porter
Style: American Porter
ABV (%): 8.20
Brewery: Rogue Ales

I’ve been meaning to try this guy for quite some time.  It’s just…quite expensive.  Poured from a 1 pt. 9.4 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

This porter has a unique pour from the start.  It spills out of the bottle with an incredibly dark caramel/coffee color.  The head is rich, frothy, and large, but it shrinks from the bottom of the glass up the second you start to pour, leaving behind about three fingers of froth.

You can smell this on the pour, from 3 feet away.  It’s hoppy for a porter.  Also smells of dark, dry chocolate.

Tastes super hoppy.  A real surprise.  Creamy and chocolatey on the back of the palate.  This is a very dry beer; at least much more dry than I expected.  Full body and a bitter aftertaste.  Very unique for a porter.

The feel is smooth and sharp at the same time.  the flavors clash, but not in a bad way.  The hops are a little too strong for my taste, and coupled with the super dry finish, the other flavors are hard to enjoy.

This tastes like a creamy IPA more than a porter.  I’m honestly disappointed.  The commentary on this beer has been fairly positive, but the experience itself, while unique and enjoyable, is underwhelming.  I do like the beer, but for $11, I would much rather pick up a Chimay.

Look: 9
Smell: 6
Taste: 6
Feel: 6
Drink: 6
Overall: 6.6

Grade: B


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