La Fin Du Monde

Name: La Fin Du Monde
Style: Tripel
ABV (%): 9.00
Brewery: Unibroue

I have walked past Unibroue beers dozens of times without trying one.  I always meant to try Terrible.  At the Monterey Beer Festival this year, I tried Terrible and La Fin Du Monde.  Both were outstanding.  La Fin Du Monde was the best beer I had at the entire festival.  And I don’t usually like tripels.  Reviewing it was a must.  Poured from a 1 pt. 9.4 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

Even with a gentle pour, this thing came out with four fingers of head.  Lots of lace left behind.  The beer itself is thick and golden, with a bit of caramel hue.  It’s almost unfiltered in appearance.

You can smell it the instant you pop the cork.  Heavy citrus fruits.  Smelling this beer is an exercise in itself.  The notes are meaty.  This beer must lift weights.  Lots of powerful yeast, followed by apricot, followed by some malt and spice.  Nutmeg?

The smell really lends itself to the tasting experience, also.  Malt and apricots on the middle palate, slight bitter aftertaste from the lingering fruit and hops.  Super complex and balanced.  A beer to sip slowly so you can appreciate all the different flavors.

Super smooth mouthfeel for a tripel.  I don’t usually like the bitterness in tripels that comes from the hops and citrus fruits.  The spice in La Fin Du Monde balances the load and makes drinking it a truly unique experience.

If this wasn’t 9%, I’d have another.  You would, too.  It’s absolutely delicious, but what makes it a true world class beer is the complexity and balance of different flavors.  Hey, wine lovers!  Try this one.

Look: 8
Smell: 9
Taste: 10
Feel: 10
Drink: 10
Overall: 9.4

Grade: A


Danny’s Irish Style Red

Name: Danny’s Irish Style Red
Style: Irish Red Ale
ABV (%): 6.50
Brewery: Moylan’s Brewery

Poured from a 1 pt. 6 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

Absolutely no head on the pour.  A creamy head forms after the pour to less than a finger, then dwindles slowly to leave almost nothing behind.  Rich caramel in color with a red hue, almost copper.

Rich and fruity smell.  Hops and malt are smooth and balanced.  Lots of apple in front, followed by a bit of sweet tobacco.

This has a full malt over the entire palate.  There is a hint of burnt toffee.  The tobacco really comes out in the flavor.  There are only hints of fruit on the back palate, though which fruits are unclear.  Full-flavored, but the complex flavors are not balanced well.  The fruit lingers in the aftertaste, but is overwhelmed by the other flavors.

Smooth over the tongue.  Easy to drink, but not savory.  Not hoppy at all, especially compared to most red ales.  Enjoyable, but the burnt toffee is too prominent.  Full in flavor, but not in body.

Very drinkable.  Not heavy, not overwhelming in flavor.  However, not very complex, and therefore, not very impressive.

Look: 7
Smell: 9
Taste: 5
Drink: 6

Overall: 6.4

Grade: B

Double Mocha Porter

Name: Double Mocha Porter
Style: American Porter
ABV (%): 8.20
Brewery: Rogue Ales

I’ve been meaning to try this guy for quite some time.  It’s just…quite expensive.  Poured from a 1 pt. 9.4 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

This porter has a unique pour from the start.  It spills out of the bottle with an incredibly dark caramel/coffee color.  The head is rich, frothy, and large, but it shrinks from the bottom of the glass up the second you start to pour, leaving behind about three fingers of froth.

You can smell this on the pour, from 3 feet away.  It’s hoppy for a porter.  Also smells of dark, dry chocolate.

Tastes super hoppy.  A real surprise.  Creamy and chocolatey on the back of the palate.  This is a very dry beer; at least much more dry than I expected.  Full body and a bitter aftertaste.  Very unique for a porter.

The feel is smooth and sharp at the same time.  the flavors clash, but not in a bad way.  The hops are a little too strong for my taste, and coupled with the super dry finish, the other flavors are hard to enjoy.

This tastes like a creamy IPA more than a porter.  I’m honestly disappointed.  The commentary on this beer has been fairly positive, but the experience itself, while unique and enjoyable, is underwhelming.  I do like the beer, but for $11, I would much rather pick up a Chimay.

Look: 9
Smell: 6
Taste: 6
Feel: 6
Drink: 6
Overall: 6.6

Grade: B

Salvator Doppel Bock

Name: Salvator Doppel Bock
Style: Doppelbock
ABV (%): 7.9
Brewery: Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG

I don’t necessarily want to make a habit of reviewing one style or one brewery two weeks in a row, but I bought this one in conjunction with last week’s doppelbock, so c’est la vie.  This was poured from a 1 pt. 9 oz. bottle into a freezer-chilled pint glass.

This looks more like a dubbel.  I dunno.  I do still get confused by differences in beer styles.  Don’t judge me.  Amber/caramel in color.  Thick and a little murky.  It almost looks unfiltered.  The head is thick and rich, and it lingers for some time, eventually leaving a milky lace.

It smells like a dubbel, too.  A lot of biscuit and yeast with just a little bit of fruit.  I’m even more confused now.  This reminds me of Belgian beers more than German.

It tastes like a dubbel!  Can we call this a bock?  To clarify, dubbels tend to be quite fruity and are not to be confused with doppelbocks, even though the name means double bock.  I guess this is a little bit thicker, creamier, and maltier.  But it certainly doesn’t taste like the doppelbocks I’m used to.  While it does taste fruity, the fruit is not very prominent, and I can’t pinpoint any one flavor.  It’s fairly complex.  The malt and hops are both fairly mild.

This beer is not overly rich in flavor, but it is very rich in body.  It goes down super smooth with a pleasant aftertaste that is almost like biscuit and jam.  It’s a bit thick, but it doesn’t leave that feeling behind like soda does.
I don’t know that I have a full handle on this beer.  It’s tasty, but a little too heavy and rich for my stomach.  Certainly an enjoyable beer, but there is nothing spectacular about it.  Something about it hints at excellence, but it doesn’t quite get there.

Look: 8
Smell: 7
Taste: 8
Feel: 8
Drink: 5
Overall: 7.4